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It is allowed to go on vacation?- by Vladimir Pustan

If you worked all year, of course it is. If you did not work it means you are already on vacation, so the  question is stupid.

If you are a pastor, you have the right to a four weeks vacation. If you are a good pastor, you do deserve it. If you are not, the Church does.

"Are we allowed to go to the sea?" Yes. In Spain. There are special nudist beaches, so you do not risk like in Romania where the things are irregular.

Satan does not have vacation. I know it. Christ wanted to have, but he did not succeded this. But we want to be like Satan. Depression also is installed because of too much work, not only of too little.

"What should we do on vacation?" Make future plans. Rest yourself of work through work.

"What should we take with us on vacation?" No way your mother-in-law and mobile phone. Try the Bible. However, you did not touched the Bible from your last vacation.

People usually come from vacation with a chronic fatigue that can be healed only by starting work.

The life would not be beautiful if it were an eternal vacation. Gaugain was close to kill himself in Tahiti.

In heaven we will work too...